Friday, 10 August 2012

the second phase of building begins....

We are building two bungalows to as close to passivhaus standard as we can afford!! Passivhaus is the gold standard of eco build.

Our building work began on 23 April 2012 with ground clearance for the site and then moved to the casting of the foundation slabs. Waxwings bungalow was the first in the programme to be started and its foundation slab was completed three weeks ago. Work on phase one continues with Goldcrest foundations progressing. Our groundworks contract will conclude with the construction of the drives to the two properties.

Yesterday saw the second phase begin for Waxwings: four courses of conventional engineering bricks are being laid to take the building up to floor level. A second, internal, skin will be laid upon peroncil foamglass bricks using lightweight thermal blocks. The foamglass blocks are very expensive and add significantly to the build costs. They are necessary, however, because they form a barrier, preventing cold entering the building from below.

The main features of design that make ours an eco building are
  • removal of these 'thermal bridges' that allow cold into the building 
  • and a higher level of insulation, retaining heat within the building.

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