Sunday, 16 September 2012

internal walls

When we saw the design for our new home, all that time ago, it seemed abstract and, frankly, unlikely to happen. The plans evolved through many, many revisions until we reached the current design. I understand that the definition of an architect is 'a master builder'. Mike Ellison, our architect, responded positively to each long evening meeting to review his drawings and to bring our visions of what the two bungalows would look like to life. It was and is a stunning design in my mind. Beautiful, but out of reach.
Well, it is happening and seems more real each day that goes by.

The scaffolding went up last week, allowing the bricklayers to work above head height. Our builders are now constructing the walls of the rooms of the bungalow and now we can walk around the layout and get a feel for the building and how it works. There's lots of it!
a view of the internal room layout with scaffolding shown

And I learned something important as I walked the rooms - how building design is a process involving not only the client and the architect. I learned how much value good builders can bring to a project.

Our builders (Newtec construction) had previously built an eco bungalow in Newark, Nottinghamshire. I really feel that they have bought into our vision and are 'going that extra mile' for us.

On Monday, Steve Waring, our builder and a Director of Newtec took me around the building and we discussed the internal layout. I am a complete novice to this home building business, even though I took my school through five phases of building extensions. The design on paper can feel very different as it literally becomes concrete.

Steve walked me around the building and by the time we'd finished his thoughts and our conversations had led to a vastly improved home. 'Why place a wall there?' 'Is this bedroom wall where you would like it?', Do you need this corridor or can the space be used differently?'

I now understand that the design process I described in the first paragraph doesn't end with the architect, but continues when you are privileged to work with a gifted builder too.

Thanks Steve. I can't think of a nicer bloke to give my life savings to.

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