Thursday, 4 October 2012

work on the roof begins

Another landmark, lump-in-the-throat moment yesterday when the building literally began to 'take shape' with roof trusses going up.
south elevation

Mike's distinctive design has bespoke roof trusses that will give the bungalows a distinctive profile.

Work began at 7:30 am yesterday and luckily the weather held - no rain and importantly little wind. Wind is the enemy as the trusses go up because they are at risk of blowing over until wooden bracing is nailed on to hold them all together.
from below

Hopefully more good conditions today and the roof timbers will all be in place.

The north elevation of the roof is at a 20 degree angle and will be covered with sedum plants. My next post will describe how we're going about this.

the north elevation
The south elevation will be tiled and the current plan is to use cedar shingles. Eventually we aspire to having photovoltaic solar panels on the south elevation to generate our own electricity.

Two very worried people last night when the firm cost of cedar shingles came through!

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