Monday, 26 November 2012

a particularly wet kind of rain...

'Ooh, building your own house, that must be sooo exciting'.

Well folks, it really is ... but there's a lot of hard, uncomfortable work to be done along the way.
On Saturday the heavens opened but we had set ourselves the task of clearing the meandering line of logs we had originally set out as a 'root protection zone' around a group of sycamores and a pretty beech when the groundworks began.

But now the potential root disturbance of our groundworks is behind us we want to move some earth around over the next week and to prepare for this had to move the hundreds of sawn logs so that landscaping work could begin.

And bless 'em, Jill and Judith put in a full, exhausting shift in horrible conditions loading the big digger bucket with sodden logs. By the end of the day, it seemed to be a particularly wet kind of rain...

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