Monday, 10 December 2012


Sorry for the delay in posting - due to Virgin Media switching off the internet on our street...

Busy, busy as usual.

Amongst many priorities is getting the building airtight.  Jill completed the work doing the double sided taping onto the rafters. Scrambling up onto plaster spattered tressles is nothing to that girl.

And here's the ceiling taking shape with Majpel barrier material and joining tapes in place.

Next steps will be to screw 45mm battens along the roof trusses and then to get 'first fix' electrics in place, followed by fixing plasterboard to the trusses. Plasterboard will then be taped and skimmed.

I also show the downside of working at height: the platform gave way beneath me when I was taping the ceiling. Luckily escaped with nothing more than bruising and dented pride.

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