Monday, 17 December 2012

more insulation!!

To reduce heat loss from our low energy bungalow we are now fixing 25mm thick sheets of polystyrene to the inner surfaces of all external walls.
To do this we mix plaster adhesive then apply it to the walls with trowels - quickly. It's a two man job smearing adhesive on the wall and bunging the polystyrene up before the adhesive 'goes off' (becomes too hard). To be honest it's comedy gold standing by my sister as she sprays everything within a two metre radius with half mixed plaster from the mechanical whisk she's in charge of. Then onto Roger and me, furiously smearing adhesive - the one below certainly knows about it!!
The out of focus photo shows two of us properly plastered and this section of external wall fully polystyrened.....

And for our next trick - fixing 700 metres of wooden battens to walls and ceilings.

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