Monday, 4 March 2013

earthshifting and the elderly....

Our landscaping work at the moment is in our coniferous woodland and at the side of the stumpery.

There, we are taking the spoil from the pond and using it to create mounds at the back of the stumpery and to provide a screen on the boundary.

The plan here is to underplant the existing conifers with native birch, spindle, holly, rowan and maple as well as beech and Nordman Firs. As this understorey grows we can steadily remove the tired conifers and have a lovely multi-aged and diverse native woodland boundary....

But, before that lots of shovelling, raking and azarda-ing. Usually its Jill, Judith and me on hand tools and Roger in the cabins of digger and Manitou; but on Wednesday Roger and I had dad and Jim for company.

It has been an absolute bonus having dad with me each week. We work well together and I'm sure that his visits to Cordwood do him a power of good. I do sometimes look nervously across at the drive as an unfamilar vehicle visits and hope its not Age Concern coming to bust me for enslaving the elderly! 

It is wonderful to have dads company up there on the mounds in the month of his 85th birthday!

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