Tuesday, 12 March 2013

snowdrops in the woodland garden

Our Woodland Garden is a little over a year old.

After the ground was cleared of brambles and nettles and the dead and diseased trees had been removed, we set out a log edged path and planted dogwood, holly, Christmas Box, firethorn and cotoneaster.

These young shrubs were underplanted with the snowdrops we had propagated by division from a clump found growing around a Beech tree at the end of the Cedar walk.

One year on, the snowdrops are paying us back with a beautiful display of nodding white flowers. We've continued our propagation-by-division strategy and have a bed of snowdrops ready for transerring into the woodland garden as soon as they have finished flowering.

I did try a second propagation strategy: that was 'scale division'.

bulbs propagated by scale division
I sliced snowdrop bulbs and allowed them to create their own tiny bulblets in a dark drawer. And it worked!! Today I planted fifteen small snowdrops around the base of our owl sculpture. I will water them with dilute leachate from our wormery in the hope that they bulk up this spring and then add to the drifts of pretty little flowers in 2014.

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