Wednesday, 10 April 2013

the chase ...

We're making good progress on our new bungalow, but it's hard not to feel a little hunted as well at the moment.

Our plasterers begin their plasterboarding next Wednesday and we must get a lot finished before they start work. There's a gang of us, chasing along, cheeks puffing, holding onto our hats and looking frantically over our shoulders while the slavvering plasterhounds are strongly on our scent.

Door frames and frames around inside windows must all be fitted. Thankfully, our joiner Dan is doing a cracking job. And I continue to learn. Steve of Newtec is, as always, like a guiding star (or fairy godmother?!) (sorry Steve) and told me that all of Dan's frames needed priming on the side facing the walls to avoid warping when the wet plaster meets the frame. So, that's me, doing the priming then...

While you've got that brush out, apply two coats of masonry paint to the blockwork walls in the plant room..... In fairness to Steve, he got young Maddy to do some of the painting while he was visiting.. And as she astutely said to me, she's not of an age when she can be considered liable for her own actions and so the paint on her clothes and shoes must all be attributed to the supervising adult.
pipes lagged

And there's Jill and Judith and Sarah up in the ceiling void on the 'lagathon' getting all of the water pipes insulated. Almost there...

Yes, and there's the homework you'd been putting off: which in our case is more battening. This time putting a horizontal batten between all vertical battens. Dad and I made a start today while poor old Roger got the short straw of finishing battening the utility toilet and boot room wall with insufficient fixings.

Also to be done as the plasterers team howl behind us is installation of soil stacks into the roof void. I almost sound as though I know what I'm talking about here, don't I? Fear not, I'm just transcribing notes and reassuringly haven't got a clue. Surely a stack of soil will fall over if you make it too high??

Bringing up the rear are the team from Carbon Legacy who are installing everything eco.

With Monday coming being airtightness test day and other commitments in the coming week as well, my hope is that the baying hounds don't catch us.

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