Tuesday, 7 May 2013

a garden transformation ....

One of those Wow! moments this week.

In April of 2012, we began to lift and crush the concrete bases of the old mushroom sheds that had occupied our site since 1947. The mini-mountain of crushed brick and concrete dominated Cordwood for almost a year, but we steadily eroded it as we laid this down as the base for our drives, paths and patio.

In the meantime, soil had been delivered from Brackenhurst College where a new library was being built. Our soil stash was added too as we scraped away topsoil from areas where we planned to have wildflower meadows. And 'topsoil' came from a job Newtec are doing in Kirkby.

Steve is great at cajoling and pushing and it was his idea that we hire a bulldozer to spread the topsoil and subsoil. So Pete and Andrew arrived and we had one of those amazing transformation days that just leave you staring in wonder.

In preparation we laid all the waste plasterboard offcuts on the ground so that they would be crushed as the 'dozer tracked backwards and forwards. This plasterboard will crumble and dissolve and also save on landfill waste. We also marked all drain covers with cones so that they were not crushed during the work.

And then the monster machine got to work, and tore into our soil piles so that by the end of the day the base of the garden was laid. Amazing!!!

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