Monday, 22 July 2013

the long weary part....

If you've ever done any long distance walking or running or cycling, you'll know how it is.
The new kitchen awaiting flooring

You start off with a spring in your step. Lots of banter and energy. Excitement about what is in prospect.

Then you settle into your rhythm and the real pleasure of the undertaking. Take in the views. Possibly enjoy the weather. Solve a few map reading issues...

Lunch and the then the walk continues, and after you've got through that post lunch stiffness, you're back into the rhythm.

You've clocked up a few miles now and weariness is waiting. Your shoe is pinching ... or there's some muscle twinges but the miles keep falling away.

Then you have the end in sight, but hadn't realised it was such a steady, draining climb. The terrain isn't quite as easy, perhaps its cooling and each step is a slog, each mile is now a drag.

That's where we are now.

Dave and the Elderflower Champagne
If you've followed the blog, you'll know about the exhilarations and the low points. But the end is in sight.

Our kitchen is fitted and just needs final tweaking. We've had irritations with the bathrooom fit out which will slow us unnecessarily but won't spoil the journey. We've ordered our doors and, this week, our floor finishes are laid in kitchen, utility, dining room and lobby.

Me? I'm shuffling along the never ending skirting boards, filling, rubbing down, undercoating, rubbing down, wiping and glossing once if not twice. I have bought myself a new paintbrush that has transformed my life. Until yesterday, I was 'cutting in' using big old lump of brush, which, when loaded with paint more closely resembled a stick than a brush. Like doing surgery equipped with only a hammer. It is almost a pleasure now...

So that long distance journey analogy sees us in the weary place, just putting in the time until the building is ready. I'm looking forward to looking back! and thinking of all we've accomplished and experienced and all the great people we've met.

And talking of great people, here's a photo of Dave. After he'd wired up the kitchen appliances, he officially opened the fridge door and placed his gift of a bottle of his home made elderflower champagne inside. Cheers mate!

So, once again, apologies for the infrequency of blogging. Each day is long and more is accomplished, but with evening meals taken so late, there is little time for computer access. Soon, I'll have no access at all if British telecom can't resolve the stupid 'I know your phone ducting goes into the concrete box by the telegraph pole but it is a different department that takes the ducting from the box to the adjacent pole sir' at the new house issues.

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