Tuesday, 10 September 2013

We're in...

A malign alignment of Sky, BT Openreach and moving house have cast a long shadow across my blog over the past month. And still Sky and BT can't give me internet access. Don't get me started! But I've now got a hotspot...

The good news is that we have moved in! Moved into an unfinished home, inside and outside and populated indoors by scores of cardboard boxes. But it is beginning to feel like home.

I don't think anywhere is actually complete, but it's liveable - and lovely.

I'll write about the semi-finished home over the coming days but what has been so lovely has been the wave of family and friends that has washed up on our doorstep. Since leaving our family home in Ravenshead, those things we have loved to do such as cooking and welcoming visitors have been difficult.

But suddenly, our life has returned. And some!

We're making dizzas.
No we're making pizzas dad.
Oh pizzas.

We're welcoming dancing Scots and families with their kids.

That's the word. It's lovely. Glad to be back....

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