Sunday, 10 November 2013

cordwood craft brewery..

Just a quick update on my brewing progress....
my attractive assistant siphons the brew into its barrel
Got myself a cheap beer kit, opened the tin and poured it in, added the water, stirred in the yeast..

Saturday was its official unveiling. We had a bit of a bonfire thing and I turned the tap on my barrel. What would my public say?

I must say that there were 'Doubting Thomases' along the way.. Gary said in a note to me
'It did sound very inviting when you described the home brew you are preparing until you mentioned 'discount' and 'Wilkos'. Still, you can always use it to put out the fire..'

Well, narners to you Gazza! I tasted it and thought 'Hmmm this certainly resembles beer'. In fact, a very nice beer, with a distinctive and pleasant liquorice note. It brought back memories of German Altbier. We necked almost the entire 40 pints with some highly complimentary comments thrown in too. I found it highly nourishing, hardly eating any of the range of delicious bonfire foods laid on although this did induce a slight swirling whilst in others making the taciturn loquacious..

I have two gallons of cider to bottle and then on to a Christmas ale brew in the barrel and possibly a bottle conditioned beer too.

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