Friday, 15 November 2013

wot a plonker ...

This week, I am mainly fixing mirrors to bathroom walls.

Two down, three to go. Dead easy: two small holes, rawl plugs, fastenings. Next.

you can hardly notice ..
........ Until your drill goes straight through a hot water pipe, face full of soaking hot water, jet hitting wall eight feet away and soaking carpet, staunching jet with towel ..... whilst stop tap is forty metres away. Never have I more closely resembled Corporal Jones In Dad's Army. 'Don't panic!' I panicked.

Fortunately calm wife and brother-in-law on hand to switch off water and stop gusher.

And I don't mind telling you that I told our plumber Chris that I loved him when I phoned and he said he'd be with us in ten minutes.

And the great man gave up some of his time to re-plaster the gaping hole left after Chris had mended the pipe.

I know that anyone can drill through a pipe, but surely not the same person who chopped out the gully for the pipes in the first place??

Wot an eco plonker...

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