Monday, 24 February 2014

Could this be perfect ...?

New hazel path
A friend puzzled me. She said 'Have a happy birthday tomorrow. Don't'. 'Don't'? I wondered. Not the most charitable birthday greeting I'd hoped to receive.
Then the second half of the message came through.... 'work too hard'. Don't work too hard.

And I guess, for lots of people that message could have been just right. It's your day. Relax if you can. Put your feet up.

But I've never been a feet up kinda guy: my idea of perfect is doing something purposeful.

We've been doing that for several days now. As a compulsive list maker, my lists runneth over at the moment:

Begin planting north facing earth mounds
Barrow chippings along new hazel path in Woodland Garden
Begin 'Lasagne gardening' to create Fragrant Garden
Edge, weed and mulch apple and pear corden beds
Begin weeding and rationalising Vegetable Garden beds
Wash and then barrow gravel around patio edging

All of this, and plenty of family and friends coming over.

And while we were working today, I saw 100 golden plovers wheeling and circling above the fields.

Could this be perfect?

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