Thursday, 13 February 2014

work to be done ...

A friend said to me the other day 'I admire your work ethic'. It's like saying to a donkey on a treadmill 'I like your hat'.

The work has to be done, whether it's raining or not. And this is the time of year to be out in the garden preparing for the new season that awaits.

In the Woodland Garden we've had the horse chestnut taken down and I've used the logs for the edging of the new path. We have planted our ornamental elders and our first two hazels. The annual pruning in the orchard is almost complete. Thanks to Jan for her hard work. I think she will have needed a brisk rub down with straw when she got home.

At the entrance to the Cedar Walk I've removed lots of offending nettles, brambles and elder so that we have a continuous ground cover of ivy. Trev and Linda joined me for an hour here before the weather turned and I treated them to my cannelini bean and sage soup with home made bread. Bless you pals!!

Then onto the newly created little Pond Wood. Man work here moving logs. I'll feel the benefit. Then onto planting birch, hawthorn and holly transplanted from other parts of the site with Jill. Rowan, gelder rose and other natives to be added as more ground is cleared. We transplanted Nordman Firs into the pinewood and banking.

Over to the drive border to stamp on molehills and plant a couple of variegated pieris.

Then into our warm home and sodden coat and trousers into the plant room for drying.

Floors to mop before lunch.

And my hat-of-the-day was my winter Tilley. With two holes cut for my ears.


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