Tuesday, 25 March 2014

woodland garden 2014

The Woodland Garden is a very flat, self-contained area to the south of our drive that consisted of overcrowded, sixty year-old, horse chestnut, sycamore and Scots pine.

Mike and (one-armed?) Rob a-rockin'
Since then we have felled trees, cleared never-ending brambles, nettles, wood avens and grass and created log edged paths and filled endless barrows with wood chippings for the paths.

We wanted to create a sense of enclosure and privacy in this discrete area and so have planted informal groups of shrubs around the edges of the garden. 

2014 saw the second phase of our work in this part of the garden with the creation of new paths, the planting of beech screens and of rhododendrons, ornamental elders and hazels. Under-planting has included such shade tolerant plants as bergenias, monkshood and dicentra.

I'll take some photos of the garden as it is now and hope to post these during the week. In the meantime, just a few photos of the garden in development and some of my able assistants who've given their time.


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