Saturday, 19 April 2014

say no to mow

Gardens take up more space on this small island than do all our nature reserves.

So wildlife gets a real boost if our gardeners help.

And this year I am helping by doing absolutely nothing. That shouldn't take much time during a busy week.

I'm leaving a sunny patch of the lawn unmown as part of the Plantlife charity's 'Say no to mow' campaign. Great for flowers. Great for invertebrates. We'll leave it unmown until high summer then get the mower on it to tidy up for winter.

And to help matters along we've planted baby cowslips into our lawn that Sarah wanted to rehome. And we've been given exquisite snakeshead fritillaries which flower in pots this spring. we'll plant them into the damp, unmown lawn.

I could do nothing for England!

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