Friday, 23 May 2014

what a show .....

Nature puts on a great show at this time of year.

wood pigeon egg 'cached' by carrion crow
A lovely little pair of pied wagtails has adopted Cordwood and we think they're nesting with us. Big commotion in the sky above our house at lunchtime as a pied wagtail chased a female sparrowhawk that was gripping something small in its talons and heading for the Scots pines. Perhaps one less pied wagtail...

Counted 14 wood pigeons feasting on the clover in our lush lawn this morning. Big, cumbersome birds, but beautiful none the less. And performing a useful function. When I can only see their heads above the grass as they feed
I know its time to get the mower out. The UK population of this attractive bird increased by 167% 1998-2010 (BTO Bird Atlas 2007-2011). Most of the increase heads for our garden and they're breeding like billy-oh at the moment. This creates opportunities for other birds. A glossy black carrion crow flew by the kitchen window just now with a wood pigeons egg in its bill. It hid the egg in a patch of nettles and flew away.

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