Friday, 21 November 2014

phoebe's border

That's it. Phoebe's border is ready for plants.
log wall with recycled plastic drain pipes for decoration!

We've dug over and then added more soil to raise the level. 

Then we covered the area with a thick mulch of chippings now that the ground beneath is weed free and good and moist.

Today we built a log wall that will separate this border from the kitchen garden and re-used old plastic drains to give a funky see-through effect. I see it as the log wall equivalent of the old string vests. And just like my old string vests it won't last forever, that is part of its charm.

I love this kind of ephemeral art. The logs should provide a home for invertebrates, mammals and birds.
We are quite pleased with our efforts.

The wall will be cloaked with climbers.

We've ordered the shrubs which should be with us within ten days:
 Viburnum tinus variegata
Viburnum plicatum tomentosum 'Mariesii' 
Sambuccus 'Black Lace' *
Clematis 'Huldine'*
Cotoneaster Rothschildeanus
Berberis Julianae
Eleagnus ebbingii
Rosa mermaid*
Hedera Alg Ravensholt*
Hydrangea seemanii*
*Some of these will be used in other planting schemes in the garden. 

We are now waiting on our tree fellers to take boughs off some of the horse chestnuts. And then it will be planting time! The best bit!!

No longer will Phoebe see it and exclaim 'Rubbish!'

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