Monday, 15 December 2014

concrete progress

Last week was the end of a hectic week that saw all kerb edging concreted in. A great team effort!

But not without its wobbles. 

the final kerb edging goes in
We wished that Professor Brian Cox could have joined us on Thursday as we defied the laws of Newtonian science. We ensured that we had a gap of 250mm from the string to the roadstone base in our trenches (or tracks). We then compacted the roadstone with a 'wacker' ... and found that instead of compressing the roadstone down, we had somehow managed to elevate the levels. The gap was now 200mm. Our David looked on ruefully as it took four of us to accomplish in a morning what he then accomplished in half an hour.

Our concrete delivery arrived on Friday morning but after much effort to coax the concrete from the lorry we had to send it back. It transpired that there was a computer problem that had affected the concrete manufacture process. Hmmm. Those pesky North Korean hackers at it again?

completed kerb edging 
But a second 4 cubic metres was delivered and kerb edging was completed thanks to Becca and Judith joining the team. We have gravel board edging to look forward to over the weekend and following week.
But in spite of this progress, we had disappointing news. The gravel we had chosen for topping the surface of the drive was sourced from a closed quarry! No idea when it would be reopened. If the gravel comes, it comes in February. Not the news I wanted at the end of an exhausting week.

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