Monday, 8 December 2014

The new drive work begins: and they're off!!

And they're off!!

Dave on digger with drive extending into the distance.
Work on our drive began this morning.

Last weekend we'd set out the drive with metal stakes and levelled them to ensure that the roadstone beneath the gravel would direct rainwater where we wanted it to go.

Over the coming two weeks we hope to put in concrete or wooden edging and then to gravel the drive.
Nephew Matt gets levels right
The second phase will be to construct the gates, wall and fencing that lead into the new drive. 

Materials and plant have been ordered.

And, shovelled, lump hammered, diggered and dumpered we began.

And it's a family affair. We couldn't afford the quote we'd been given and so we chose to do the work ourselves, led by son Dave.

Today and tomorrow we want to get the ground prepared to receive the concrete and wooden edging. Wednesday to Friday will be concrete edging days. The beginning of the following week will be given over to wooden gravel board edging. And then gravelling.

I was pretty tired after day one!

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