Saturday, 22 August 2015

the border line ..

Blimey Oh Reilly!
A month since the last blogpost.
I know what you're thinking .. 'I bet the old buffer has been sitting back, soaking up the sun and relaxing'.

Amongst the other stuff, we've been finishing the drive.

The remaining jobs for us were to finish the gates and then to work along the drive beneath the privet hedge, creating an orderly border.

The gates had been hung previously but fell off. Not well hung. Dang it. But enough about me. So, Roger (the brains in the outfit) had new hinges specially made and we hung them! They're still hanging baby, although one has a mysterious arthritic clunk. But what the heck That's a result. Gates that work!

drive border - waiting for privet to be cut
Well, when I say 'Gates that work'.... Our buddy Dave has been working to resolve the other issues. You see, the opening mechanism has a mind of its' own creating the gate equivalent of Arkrwight's till in the Ronnie Barker BBC sitcom 'Open all hours'. Dependent upon their mood: the gates don't close when you want them to; lock you out when you want to come in; and close on cars as they pass through. Apart from that, they're working magnificently.
But Dave's on the case. He'll sort it.

And then there's the drive border.

This had been the recipient of shovels and digger buckets full of discarded roadstone as we worked down the drive getting levels right and putting in edging.

But it was a mess, rather like a weed infested surface of the moon.

So, with picks, spades, trowels, azadas, rakes and wheelbarrows we painstakingly worked down the drive braking up the roadstone and barrowing it away. Then putting in soil. Then watering. Then dividing plants and planting. Then fertilising. Then mulching.

Hard work? I'm going to rename our site 'Cordwood Penitentiary' and have calico suits with arrows printed for the four of us.

Utterly bahoogered. But rejoice people, yesterday, - we finished!!

Bob will cut the hedge at the end of the month and then you'll see how good it is.

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