Tuesday, 16 February 2016

a touch of frost

A good frost this morning: which is a rare event this winter. The overnight temperature was forecast as dropping to -7C but here reached -2C.
frosted 'snow bunting' crocus
primrose offering 'all day breakfast' to passing insects

So, out with the camera to catch some photos showing how resilient plants and their flowers can be.

'Snow bunting' crocus and our native primrose (Primula vulgaris) are shown here in their frosted form.

But these plucky little fighters are not knocked out by a touch of frost and will bounce back to look as good as ever just as the sun warms them through.
frosted primrose
And importantly, they will provide an 'all day breakfast' option with  energy-boosting nectar and protein-rich pollen on the menu for early flying spring insects that need as much help as we can give them at this time of year.

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