Saturday, 6 February 2016

let it rain ...

Never have I anticipated rain more eagerly than I have today!

The forecast said 'heavy rain' all day. Bring it on!

Trev tracking in
We finished lining George's Pond during the week and then placed onto the bentomat lining many tonnes of the 'spoil' we'd removed on creating the pond. The spoil was then compressed - or 'tracked in' as we groundworkers like to say - so that it was as firm a base for the lapping pond water as we could create.

I also moved a large pile of unwashed pebbles bought from the Hammond vegetable washing plant and placed them strategically around one section of the pond edge - to create our 'beach'. Common sandpipers? Breeding little ringed plovers? Or just ammo for small boys throwing stones? You can see the beach on the top left edge of the pond photo.

To stop the water splashing from the rainwater outfall pipes and disturbing the spoil, we've placed carpet squares and covered them with stones. An ideal salmon breeding ground - although the salmon that make their way up the Trent, then the Leen, then cross over a mile of farmland, cross a road  and then pass through a wood to get to George's Pond will be miracles of nature.

Still to be completed are 'mini-ponds around the internal circumference of the pond which will hold water as water levels recede during dry weather, thus creating more varied habitats for pond life.

George's Pond beginning to fill....
And then the rain arrived. By tea time we'd registered 10mm in my rain gauge which, I know,
 is less than half an inch. But the pond levels had risen and I picture here how far they had risen by lunchtime.

The outfall pipes bringing the roof rainwater are already submerged as water levels are slowly creeping up.

Around the pond Roger has cleared accumulated slurry & filth. Use your imagination when looking at the pond photo and imagine it as it will be one spring of the future studded with cowslips like stars on a clear night.

Just as soon as dad (George) is better, can't wait to show him the pond named in his honour!!

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