Sunday, 24 July 2016

George's Pond is six months old..

George's Pond is six months old so here's a photo to help us celebrate. 

The vegetation is slowly growing and a water lily donated by Trev and Linda is now flowering.

The plentiful June and early July rains filled the pond to its highest ever levels. We guess that the Bentonite granules we used to help seal the pond have taken up the water and that the seams between the Bentomat sheeting have been sealed. There are less of the mysterious bubbles now anyway.

Our little duckling family may be helping in the Bentonite mixing process as they have learned to take deep dives beneath the water and are dabbling in the muddy bottom. That's when they're not being fed by Jill on the terrace, being shooed out of the kitchen or invading toddler paddling pools!

George's Pond remains a great place to sit with a mug of tea.

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