Friday, 1 June 2018

Japan slaughter 122 Minke whales


Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary

Embassy of Japan in the United Kingdom

101-104 Piccadilly London W1J 7JT

Dear Ambassador Tsuruoka 

Killing of Minke Whales

I am writing to you following the recent reports that 122 pregnant Minke whales have been killed by Japanese Whalers in the South Antarctic. 333 whales were killed in total according to The Japan Times.

Whales are amazing, social, sentient creatures. In my view, whaling belongs in a byegone age. It is unbearably cruel and cannot be justified in the name of ‘science’. I am astonished and appalled that Japan is allowing such barbarism to go on in its’ name. 
In 2014, the International Court of Justice ordered Tokyo to end the Antarctic hunt, saying it found permits issued by Japan were “not for purposes of scientific research.” Meat from this group of killed whales will go onto be eaten in Japan.

I respectfully call on you to make the case with your government that this slaughter is not only inhumane and unnecessary, it results in the name of your great nation bring tarnished across the civilised world.

I do hope you can help stop this appalling carnage.

Yours sincerely

Rob Carlyle

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