Sunday, 28 March 2021

Gardeners must stop using peat NOW!!

Ambassador peas in peat-free compost
Gardeners must stop using peat NOW!!

Look. This is so simple. Let's not faff about...

The government has failed to stop peat production and consumption by gardeners and the horticultural industry. It could and should have. But money talks...

These are the simple reasons why use of peat must be banned:
  • Most garden compost contains peat.
  • Peat is extracted from peat bogs - as the peat oxidises it releases long-stored carbon dioxide into the air adding to global CO2. 
  • Peat bogs are rare and precious habitats which, once lost, are impossible to ever restore.
Winter salads in peat free compost

In our can't-be-arsed society you may think making your own peat-free compost is going to take time. It isn't. 

So, make your own
Peat-free compost can be an expensive option but it's so easy to make your own better-than-peat compost.

Here's Jill's recipe:
Mix together
  • One part coir compost (reconstituted)
  • One part home-made sieved garden compost
  • Half measure perlite or vermiculite.
Peas in peat-free compost

Job done!

Once a bag of peat-based compost is opened it loses its fertility within weeks.

Jill's recipe can be made up on demand.

Stop using peat NOW!

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John said...

This very true ..I would definitely stop it.