Sunday 27 November 2022

November garden

The sycamores are nearly stripped of leaves. Perched in the highest twigs are goldfinches. Mobile. They puff into the grey sky and circle. A ‘charm’ of around seventy. Chattering amongst themselves then settle again. Another, smaller group in the air now, then settling once more in the highest twigs.

And beneath our feet we discover twenty one species of fungi   with Ann’s help:
  1. Stinking dappling
    Bluing bracket fungus

  2. Yellow curtain crust, 
  3. Redlead Roundhead 
  4. Candle snuff, 
  5. Bluing brackets 
  6. Silver leaf fungus
  7. Jelly ear
  8. Crystal brain
  9. Dead man’s fingers
  10. Wax cap
  11. Crepidotis
  12. Clustered bonnet
    Silver leaf fungus

  13. Another bonnet?
  14. Psatherella
  15. Scurfy twiglets
  16. Clouded funnel cap
  17. Deer shield
  18. Turkey tail
  19. Glistening ink cap
  20. Shaggy ink cap
  21. Common rust gill
Glistening ink cap

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