Monday 30 January 2023

Working in the Woodland Garden.

Our Woodland Garden is heading towards its early year best. 

Snowdrops are now in nodding flower.

The winter aconites we planted along the drive edge in memory of Sue and Kris are forcing their way through the thick mulch of autumn leaves.
Wood chipping paths

Clearing wheelbarrows full of herb Robert, couch grass, forget-me-nots and lots of ivy runners.

Wood chip & leaf mulches; beds edged with rotting logs; standing deadwood; logs & branches laid into the mulches …. it’s mycorrhizal party time!!! 

Weeding & mulching paths.

Adding new logs to those crumbling in log-edged paths.

Sawing out thickest elder stems.

Ivies grow up trees to provide cover and then to offer a late-season nectar source; shrubs cut tightly to give dense sites for nests

Trimming hollies, beech.

Coal tit nest box sited at foot of Scots pine.

Blue tit nest box attached to Wizard Tree.

More hard work awaits…