Sunday 10 December 2023


Day 161 #365DaysWild

A good year for the wild carrot growing in the meadow.

Initially a few seed heads were collected during a walk, their seeds cast and now wild carrot has flourished.

In July its white lace parasol heads are held proudly above the other meadow plants.  Invertebrates use it as a landing platform. Soldier beetles gather to feed and mate giving the country name of ‘Hogweed bonking beetle’. They’re no taxonomists and can be forgiven for bonking on carrot. 

During one of our NGS open walks, the ladies of the Gotham Gardening Club were especially-pleased by this little snippet.

But I love ‘em iced! During the winter the closed, goblet-shaped seed heads are not only architectural but provide food for finches and small mammals.

One day I will see a harvest mouse with prehensile tail gripped around the stem, enjoying supper. 

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