Tuesday, 25 September 2007

pruning summer raspberries

The arrival of the autumn equinox marks the turning of the seasons. And we are now preparing for the winter and the growing seasons to follow.
Summer raspberries fruit on this years growth and so woody growth from last year is removed at this time. This pruning takes away unproductive stems, allows air to circulate around the new growth and takes competition away.
New seasons growth is retained between restraining wires.

Any mulches around raspberries and other fruit should be composted since mulches can contain pests: unless you have hens scavenging there!!

The old growth is taken away and may be burned: bonfires are already in preparation although care must be taken not to create hedgehog funeral pyres by mistake. Hedgehogs love to hide inside piles of garden refuse - so be careful!

Another way of dealing with the woody stems is to drive stakes into the ground around thirty 30cms apart and weave the raspberry stems around the stakes to create 'mini-hurdle' barriers and retaining walls. These are ideal for holding mulch back from the lawn. These are very minibeast friendly and therefore excellent ways of encouraging wildlife in the garden. And reducing the need to burn and release carbon into the air.

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