Wednesday, 26 September 2007

chickpea trial

This year we are taking part in the Garden Organic members' experiment that sees us trialling chickpeas in the UK. Chickpeas grow well in Eastern Europe - how will they take to English conditions?????
The answer from our limited trial is 'not very well'.
The terrible summer can't have helped, and neither can the attentions of a hungry rabbit. But even when protected and with quite a lot of bushy growth and some white flowers, there is no sign of chickpeas.
As I have already said, this has been a lousy year in our legume bed, and at least the chickpeas have put some 'top' on. Perhaps in a 'normal' summer they would have gone on to produce a crop.
So the extreme conditions were possibly not a fair trial this time. it will be interesting to see what Garden Organic concludes.
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