Tuesday, 27 November 2007

chipping away at the weed problem

The allotment gates open and the word 'Chippings' is mouthed.

Allotments digest all kinds of organic and inorganic material and chippings have recently been added to the specials board.

And the resourceful allotment holder can make great use of them, I can tell you.

This unprepossessing pile is about ten barrowloads of leylandii shreddings. Highly acidic, these are the ones that remain after other eager gardeners have barrowed away the best. But, when when rotted they would make a good ericacious compost or could be used to mulch blueberries.

This lot will help make paths between the four beds. The grass paths have become havens for couch grass and bindweed and so we plan to dig them up and replace with a path of chippings. Weeds don't like it acid so the chippings inhibit their growth.

That's my theory!!!!!

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