Wednesday, 28 November 2007


Here is the allotment as it looks at the end of November with the usual mix of successes and failures.

Success is the brassica bed down the far left corner. Close up on that later in the week.

Success too with parts of next year's legume bed where four strips of green manure field beans have grown strong. Also the broad beans agualdulce look good.
Completely unsuccessful was the bed of red clover that didn't grow at all.

Down the far right more misery where the green manure buckwheat was bashed by frost before it had properly emerged. The whole of next years potato bed will spend the winter without protection: apart from the celeriac and leeks that are okay.

On the left next years brassica bed should be tucked up with green manure grazing rye - and it is!

Currently cropping: leeks, celeriac; beetroot; sorrel; chard; cabbage and the last of the calabrese.
In store: potatoes; red and white onions; garlic; apples.

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