Saturday, 10 November 2007


This is a view down the length of the allotment at the beginning of November.

On the right, in what will be next year's legume bed, the green manure field beans are 'up'. The broad beans aren't showing yet, but there's no hurry. Last years mild autumn and winter pushed them onto fleshy growth too soon and our crop was negligible. This time we're using the specialist overwintering broad bean 'aguadulce' and hoping for better results. The red clover sown has not shown at all. The seed was quite old and probably not viable. Doh!

On the left, the first wispy strands of overwintering green manure hungarian rye grass can be seen in what will be the brassica bed next year.

In the centre is one of the next projects. The grassy path will be dug out along with its store of perennial weeds. It is now practice for arboriculturalists to chip their tree prunings and allotment holders welcome the chippings. These chippings should make an excellent and more easily managed path.

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