Thursday, 8 November 2007

mother and child reunion?

We had a visit this week from one of our most endearing native mammals - the hedgehog.

Hedgehogs are in trouble in many parts of England. Intensive agriculture has driven them from fields and so hedgerows, woods, parks and gardens have become their strongholds. Unfortunately, most of these are close to roads and it is depressing to see how many hedgehogs have been killed as one drives through Nottinghamshire. Our gardens too are becoming less hedgehog friendly and our garden 'improvements' this year are typical. We now have a study fence one one side of the garden facing a sturdy wall opposite. The fence at the end of the garden completely encloses that end, leaving only the path at the side of the house as an entry for hedgehogs.
Our neighbours regularly fed a visiting hedgehog last year but have had no success this year.
So, it was a great pleasure to see this short-sighted young traveller joining us.

He spent some time cuddled next to the yard brush - presumably thinking he'd met a long lost family member!

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