Monday, 7 January 2008

the way we were

It's good to be back! Apologies for the break in service. Put this down to the distractions of Christmas and an alto sax!

I began this blog around a year ago as we set about redesigning our garden.
Since adding a greenhouse and a hen run, the garden didn't work and needed a rethink. Our big garden project began.
This photo was taken on 7 January 2007 and reminds me of how we began.

  • the pond had become overgrown and was in the wrong place
  • the greenhouse dominated the garden
  • the journey to see the hens was a wet and muddy one across the lawn morning and evening
  • we had too few fruiting bushes and trees and nowhere to grow fresh salads or vegetables
  • the wooden fence on the right of the garden was broken and in very poor repair
  • some shrubs had outgrown their positions and needed digging out
  • we wanted to increase the space for sitting outside and enjoying our English spring, summer and autumn
And the whole thing needed to be done with as little negative impact on the environment as possible - hence 'sustainable garden'.

I'll bring you up-to-date with progress during the year in the upcoming posts and would love to know what you think and of your opinions of the things we've done.



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