Tuesday, 26 February 2008

it could make you weep

Yes, it's that time again. Time to buy onions and time to consider whether eating organic produce is really more expensive. Will the bill reduce me to tears?

In 2007 our summer onions fought against the worst summer rains anyone can recall. They finished early and didn't look a promising bunch. But they lasted all the way through until February and tasted great.

So, it's off to the supermarket now for onions with the usual dilemma of choosing imported organic or locally grown non-organic. You can see the way my tossed coin drops. We'll be buying organic until our own-grown overwintering onions are ready in June.

And although they are more expensive, I'll only be buying for three months or so. I bet I spend considerably less eating organic onions throughout the year than most spend buying the intensively grown, chemically drenched kind.

So, to those who say eating organic is too expensive I reply:

Anyone can grow their own food. Not only will the food be better, you'll get all the extra benefits of as much fresh air as you can breath. And after all - health is wealth!

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