Thursday, 27 March 2008

help around the garden

A garden is a big commitment. Add to that a busy life and an allotment - and a man can use all of the help he can get.

Enter my crack team of assistant gardeners (although that adjective is considered bad language to their ears).

Their strengths are boundless energy and persistence - here they give the newly-filled raised bed a thorough inspection before passing it as being ready for planting. They get into very tight corners and love wood lice. Mmm - tasty!

Their main areas for improvement are tidiness and discrimination. Still at the training stage, they have not yet grasped the concept of tidying up after themselves and still need help in this important attribute. They must also learn where and when fertiliser needs applying. Never on the patio is a good rule to remember.

Whilst full marks for zeal can be awarded, they must work harder to discriminate between weeds and other plants. Completely destroying anything green in the hope that this is helpful, isn't.

A promising start.

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