Sunday, 1 June 2008

attack from above and below

There is nothing that tastes quite as exquisite as a ripe strawberry plucked from the plant on a warm June day. Definitive. No argument.

To achieve that state of bliss requires an excellent variety of strawberry - this one is 'marshmellow'.

We removed all of the runners that create new baby plants and hoed to remove weeds. The plants also had a handful of organic fertiliser to build up their strength.

We have had lots of rain this week and the fruits are swelling and looking plentiful. We just need some good hot days to bring them to ripeness over the coming weeks.

Here, I've netted the plants to spoil the birds' fun! They love to swoop from above and grab a juicy ripe strawberry.

I was lucky to find straw that we'd squirreled away last year - all dry and ready to use. Local suppliers are completely out of straw and we must wait for the harvest until some more is ready. By which time it will be too late, because the slugs will have come up from below and got their slimy jaws around the fruits that rest on the soil.

Now, I'm looking out of the window for blue sky - and strawberry ripening weather.

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