Monday, 16 June 2008

a man likes a project.....

This blog began in January 2007, shortly after we began to redesign all of our small back garden.

We have steadily moved down the garden, first relaying patio, then reshaping or creating paths then trellis and raised bed until only the final quarter of the garden remained.

I had built sandstone walls some years ago, but the whole area needed sorting. I had saved tons of sandstone and we used it for the new walls. The paved area to the left is created from reclaimed paving stones. It was Sarah's brainwave to put a small, raised patio next in the area that gets the early morning sun. That's over on the right - and could prove to be a great stage from which I could play my alto sax! Neighbours beware!

The rest has been shaped around it.

So, here we have most of the hard landscaping completed, with some tidying still to do.

I have to reinstate the pond, dig over all of the earth to remove weeds and roots and to incorporate lots of organic matter.

We then will also have to then think about planting - the best bit!

Note: The irony of a small garden belonging to a man who never sits down having two seating areas is not lost on me and need not be pointed out!

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