Sunday, 15 June 2008

real good, for free

Gardeners look carefully when weeding. They learn to recognise the seedling leaves, stems and shapes of weeds and other plants. Not all seedlings are enemies - in fact many are friends.

We always take the tops of asparagus fern and burn them at the end of the year to kill aspsaragus beetle larvae and eggs.
So, it was a surprise to find asparagus seedlings growing in the allotment. How could they have got there? Presumably the local birds helped themselves to the cherry red berries and then the natural process of seed dispersal took place.

Instead of hoeing them out, I potted them into little pots and kept them in a sheltered place in the garden.

If I am lucky, they will be seedlings of our bumper variety 'Connovers Collosal', and they will be a real asset. This time, the plan is to plant them into the garden at home. Not only will they provide an additional source of spears, their elegant foliage will grace the borders.

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