Sunday, 6 July 2008

down in jungleland

Once upon a time there was a little green shoot.
'Look, horseradish' said the naive boy. 'How lucky I am'!

Several years later it had turned into a dense jungle that could not be eradicated by digging out. No matter how hard the boy tried. No sir!

'Roundup' said a gruff voice.

But the naive boy said 'No'!

'No, glyphosate' said another voice. But the naive boy said 'No'!.

He chopped off all the leaves and then covered the area with two thicknesses of plastic weighted with wood and heavy buckets.

'Lack of light will kill the horrid horseradish' he said. 'I truly believe in organic methods'. And he put a photo on his blog so the world could see whether he was truly naive or that organic methods worked.

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