Friday, 4 July 2008

flocking pigeons

Early peas are cropping well this year.

We get them going in trays in the greenhouse and then plant them out under cloche protection in staggered sowings about two weeks apart. After they have got a good start, the fleece is removed and the sticks and netting go on for them to grow through.

The first batch are now being picked and the second batch are just about ready.

What I'd overlooked was flocking wood pigeons.

They had landed slap bang on top of the pea plants to feast on their leaves. The plants were flattened!

So, enter the netting protection. Hopefully there'll be a wonderful resurgence of growth by the weekend.

The marrowfat peas have been attacked in the same way, and they have had to be netted too. They will be in the soil for longer and their pods left until their contents are dry. I'm expecting them to recover from the aerial assault.

The shoots of late peas are now poking through compost in the greenhouse and will go into the ground vacated by broad beans. They will probably need fleece protection because of the dreaded pea moth.

And what a fine picture fresh-picked peas make!

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