Tuesday, 22 July 2008

modest mouse?

While we ponder on the reduction in our butterfly population, let's also consider the wildlife success stories.

This bouncy little boy was scurrying around the compost last week. It is a baby house mouse (mus musculus).

There seem to be more mice about at the moment. Plenty of food from bird feeders and mild winters are part of the answer.

We are seeing wood mice (apodemus sylvaticus) regularly in the garden. They are amazingly confident. I found one feasting on the sunflower feeder. It was so busy scoffing that it let me gently touch its tail! Perhaps it's the same one that is constantly scurrying between patio pots. Our garden is taking on the characteristics of one of those Hindu shrines where confiding rodents live companionably with their human guests.

I do find it hard to dislike the little critters, even when they're naughty.

I would have drawn a line though, on finding one twice in the breakfast cereal as I heard recently.

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