Wednesday, 23 July 2008

time to relax

'A garden for relaxation'. That was my dad's judgment on the garden as it has been developed so far.
And that is what we are trying to achieve. So far so good.

In 2007 we developed a patio area next to the house. The afternoon sun bathed it and we now enjoy many evening meals outside as a consequence.

But the early morning sun warms the bottom of the garden first, so a second, morning patio was built.

And I must say that it is absolutely wonderful to sit outside in the warm morning sunshine enjoying breakfast.

The small patio are is complete, but I need to build trellis around the sides because the area is raised. I also want to put some terracotta pots onto the paving stones.

We are now, most certainly the 'old ducks' of the street. No one else loads their car with all the stuff needed for a day on the allotment. Almost no one disturbs the peace with noisy bantams. And absolutely no one sits outside for breakfast.

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