Sunday, 28 September 2008

a pressing problem

Waste deep into the apple harvest now. Pears and apple surpluses are coming our way and many will rot before being eaten. How to deal with this wonderful seasonal surplus?

My answer is that we should press the apples and freeze the resulting apple juice. The juice we buy is made from concentrate and it tastes like it. Imagine how good your own apple juice would taste? Organic and locally produced.

New apple presses cost well over £100 and you need a device to crush the apples before pressing, adding to cost. I could do with a second hand one.

Then there's the problem of storing the pressed juice. When our old freezer died, we replaced it with the most energy efficient one. Same outer size but thicker insulation leading to less volume.

Nowhere to store the juice in frozen form.......

So, that will all have to be a plan for the future.

Of course, someone at work said, 'Why don't you just buy juice like the rest of us?'.

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