Wednesday, 12 November 2008

blackberry whiskey

This is a variation on sloe gin - and is better because it doesn't use sloes and doesn't use gin.

I made some last year and wrote about it on the blog. It is a delicious drink: not too strongly flavoured with whisky, the taste of the blackberries makes it dangerously 'moreish'!

4 lbs of big juicy, organic, home grown frozen blackberries go into a washed sweet jar with 8 oz of sugar and a bottle of cheap whisky.
Shaken regularly so that the sugar is thoroughly mixed, it is then left for the sugar and blackberries to work their magic on the whisky before the blackberries are removed and the drink is bottled.

The bottled whiskey may be left for up to two years and it does get better the longer it is left.

Creme de casis is a rich, blackcurrant flaovoured spirit from France. I prefer our own, homespun blackberry whiskey.


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