Sunday, 9 November 2008

scentsational sweet peas

Cor blimey - it's dark outside! Dark on the way to work and dark on return. And too wet to walk.

So, let's think of summer. Let's think of sitting outside on warm summer evenings, enjoying conversation and a relaxing meal and drink. Let's think about watching bats flittering and us sweeping up the mess that the hens have scattered all over the paths. And the heavenly scent of sweet peas in the warm evening air.

Now, enough of this - do something! So here we have next years sweet peas, dobbed into card board of newspaper cylinders of potting compost and kept moderately warm so that they can get a good start ready for a splendid show next year.

2008 will go down as a stunner for sweet peas. They wouldn't stop flowering and, of course, the more you cut 'em, the more flowers they send up.

And that fragrance is ......scentsational!

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